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Title 1 Schools and Parent Engagement Plans

Books, workshops, and parent engagement events can be funded with Title 1 funds.

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What Can Education Insite Do for Your School?

  • Help you plan a powerful, engaging, and fun Parent Engagement Event

  • Present the Parent Engagement Event

  • Provide press releases and other materials to publicize the event

  • Available for radio and television interviews

  • Assist with assessment of the Parent Engagement Event

  • Align the Parent Engagement Event with a new or existing Title 1 plan

  • Keynote presentations

  • Educational consulting and staff development

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Parent Engagement

Title I schools are charged with providing consistent and compelling Parent Engagement Plans. This is a critical piece in the effort to move families out of generational poverty. Parent Resource Centers and facilitators are important, but sometimes, a fresh face and a creative touch boost parent involvement and engagement.

Dr. Linda Karges-Bone has emerged as a vibrant and accessible source for Title I Parent Engagement. A five- time keynote speaker at the National Title I conference, she has garnered praise for her ability to make data, brain research, and psychological theories about parenting and learning accessible to parents from all walks of life.

Contact Dr. Karges-Bone today about planning a Significant Parent Engagement Event or about drafting a Parent Engagement Plan that includes the latest brain research on parenting. Dr. Karges-Bone will also work with you to write or edit your Title 1 Plan. 

Your Parent Event will be tailored to your needs and audience. Here are some highlights of a typical event:

  • 1 hour “Brain Chat” on "Ten Strategies for  Raising Smarter Children"

  • Door Prizes of “Brain Food” baskets and “Brain Friendly Recipe” booklets

  • Parents leave with copies of Brain Tips and Brain Verse (designed for at-home engagement)

  • Handouts available in Spanish and English

  • Press Releases and Flyers for PR designed for you!    

  • Options for morning or evening events to meet scheduling needs

  • Materials available for children’s “Brain Play” while parents meet 

Do you need help making important decisions? Contact me today and let me put you back on track.

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Sample Title 1 Event

Only the Strong Survive: Advice, Admonitions, and Affirmations to Tap the Power Within

Dr. Linda Karges-Bone, best- selling author, television host, and radio personality provides a lively, positive look at what it takes to "Survive and Thrive" in tough teaching and leading situations. Key phrases from children's literature, best-selling texts on motivation, and cross-cultural folk and fairy tales will flash on the screen as the presenter connects the nuggets of wisdom to current research and authentic scenarios from Title I sites. Infusing the brain and spirit using "talk therapy," each listener will have the opportunity to drink in a dose of healing words. Many educators harbor anxiety about "asking for help" because they do not wish to appear weak. Dr. Karges-Bone works from the premise that we are ALL exhausted and need support. Guided through a series of mini lessons on mindfulness, positive psychology, and motivation, the audience will emerge laughing, energized, and re-committed to the important work of Title One schools.

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