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The right keynote speaker adds credibility and energy to your conference, dinner-meeting, retreat, or meeting.

Dr. Linda Karges-Bone is available to create and deliver a memorable, motivating message. Her background in education, extensive media experience including television and radio, and a warm, personable speaking persona will add polish and pep to a special event. Each keynote is tailored to the needs of your organization.


Sample Keynote Topics

These are examples of keynote presentations Dr. Karges-Bone has given in the past. Use the contact form to reach out for a custom quote and discuss ideas for your next gathering. All keynote presentation are tailored to the needs of your organization.

  • Stress, Poverty, and Effects on the Brain

  • Trauma Informed Practice

  • Parenting Challenges

  • Work-Family Balance

  • Reducing Stress

  • Differentiated Instruction and Assessment 

  • ​Improving Teacher Motivation and Retention

  • Brain Research and School Culture

  • Engaging Brains of Different Learners

  • Improving School-Community Relations

  • Creating a Literature-Rich School Culture

School Kids Meditating

Cortisol, Creativity and the Cerebrum: Diminish the Threats of Poverty with Brain-Friendly Research

Sample Keynote

Target Audience: All groups- A popular choice for Title I Conferences.

This is a unique topic that has been drawing great amounts of interest in education, social work, politics, and beyond. Says Dr. Karges-Bone: "The idea that cortisol, the stress hormone, does so much damage to our brains as it seeps out, shutting down the prefrontal cortex, impeding creativity, actually shrinking the hippocampus, the center of memory and neurogenesis, is daunting enough. You have a huge problem when you recognize the fact that simply living in poverty triggers cortisol, even when there is no direct stressor like abuse or illness in a child’s life. I linked the two, cortisol and creativity, to introduce this model.”

Topics discussed in this Keynote:

  • Children who live in poverty need to use their most creative brains to find new pathways, for learning and living.

  • Children who live in poverty are subject to more cortisol, which impedes creativity.

  • Therefore, teachers, leaders and parents need to find creative ways to reduce cortisol and increase creativity.

Dr. Karges-Bone will share inexpensive, practical strategies to combat the effects of cortisol and stress from her books, Differentiated Pathways of the Brain, Breaking Brain Barriers, and Brain Framing: Instructional Planning with the Brain in Mind.

Portrait of a Professional Woman

Engaging the Brain: Strategies for Personal and Professional Growth and Empowerment

Sample Keynote

Target Audience: Corporate and Non-Profit as well as Educational groups. Excellent for managers and leaders.

Did you know that a simple “brain-berry” shake at 4:00 pm can send your neural connections zooming 55% faster? Did you know that depression is contagious? Or that positive thinking is too? How can you enhance creativity in a high stress environment? Which colors help to engage the brain? Dr. Linda Karges-Bone, professor, author, and radio host can help to infuse energy into your own brain and those of your team members with this exciting, enlightening session.

Laptop Writing

Strategies for Successful Grant Writing

Sample Keynote

Target Audience: Non-Profit, Municipal and County Government, Educational.

Dr. Linda Karges-Bone, the author of three best-selling books on grant writing, wrote her first successful grant at age 18. The chair of the non-profit board had to sign the proposal to submit it. Twenty million dollars later, she has personally written grants that helped organizations to make their dreams come true and assisted or trained new grant writers to bring in many more dollars. Find out how you can become a gifted grant writer. Learn the ten strategies for great grants and well as the ten most common mistakes in grant writing. Get inside the minds of funders. Investigate sources for grants. Become adept at making your funding wishes come true!


Unleashing Creativity and Playfulness in Your Corporate Culture

Sample Keynote

Target Audience: Leadership Teams, Research & Development, Conferences, Professional Organizations, Non-Profits, Corporate.

Did you know that the information age is already passed? We are now in the grip of the conceptual age and many of our brains are feeling the pain of cognitive dissonance! If you want to restore a sense of purpose and passion to your organization or corporate culture, join Dr. Linda Karges-Bone for a fun, yet focused session on the role of right-brain thinking in the workplace. Find out how to nurture the brains of your staff or team so that they can use both sides of the brain productively. Be warned, this session includes play-dough, bubbles, and chocolate, so prepare your inner child for a memorable event.

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